Safeguarding well being

Page created: 13 July 2020 by Miss N Fitzpatrick

As a result of Coronavirus, everything has changed for children and families. We know parents / carers and children are feeling anxious at this very difficult and extraordinary time. As well as this children are possibly spending more time online.
This is a little guide with just some links to websites and activities, which can support you and your family to ease the anxieties caused by the Coronavirus. There is also some valuable information and activities which can be used to ensure your children stay safe online.

Year 6 Careers Event at TCA

Page created: 16 March 2020 by Faith Delve

Year 6 represented the school and themselves incredibly well at the careers event held at TCA. They met many different people from a variety of industries and got fully involved to heighten their aspirations. Well done Year 6, we are very proud of you!

World Book Day 2020

Page created: 09 March 2020 by Faith Delve

What a fantastic day we all had on Friday 6th March to celebrate World Book Day. All the children (and adults) made a huge effort to come to school dressed as their favourite book characters!

Equine Assisted Learning

Page created: 31 January 2020 by Cheryl Lenton

What a wonderful day the children had when they got to meet two Shetland ponies, Robbie and Solo. It was Robbie’s first time visiting a school and he was very well behaved. The children took it in turns to walk solo around the agility course, using commands and walking strategies. The last part of the agility course was to get solo to put a hoof in a hoop, which is a level 1 agility move. It was lovely to see all of the children engaged and the conversations they were having about the different equipment. They were asking questions and relating it to what they already knew from past experiences. They all received a certificate which is something for them to keep and treasure.

Year 5 STEM day at Thomas Clarkson Academy

Year 5 STEM day at TCA

Page created: 22 January 2020 by Faith Delve

On Tuesday the 14th of January the Year 5’s enjoyed an outing to the Thomas Clarkson to join in with a range of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical activities (STEM).

During the day they met with two RAF lieutenants who showed them the most recent technology within the F35 helmets and the clothing that they wear. Thomas Clarkson staff gave them maths lessons on probability, science lessons on forces and technology lessons on levers and pulleys. Lastly they met with a representative from Anglian Water who showed them how to use microscopes to view germs and bacteria within sewage (pre treated of course!). An experience fully enjoyed by all the children!
The children were blown away from the day and were excited to return to school to share their experiences. They all wished the day had have been longer.

Ducklings Christmas Crafts

Ducklings Christmas Crafts

Page created: 16 December 2019 by Cheryl Lenton

At their Christmas Crafts session Ducklings shared activities with parents and grandparents including melted snowman biscuits, reindeer food and snowflake decorations.

Christmas Donkeys

Christmas Donkeys

Page created: 16 December 2019 by Sophie Foston

On 16th December 2019 we have some very special visitors, Betsy and her foal Buddy the Christmas donkeys. Children across the school enjoyed meeting and greeting our festive friends.

Christmas Story Time

Parent & Pupil Reading

Page created: 12 December 2019 by Jessica Brown

We are all left feeling very festive after the huge success of our Christmas Story Time event. The evening started off with the Reading Ambassadors reading the poem, ‘Twas the night before Christmas’ which led on to hot chocolate, mince pies and lots of fun while reading books!
Much to the surprise of everyone at the event, Father Christmas paid the school a visit and spoilt our readers with all sorts of treats, he must approve of all the reading that was happening. We are extremely proud of our Reading Ambassadors who worked so hard to create the event and share their passion of reading.
After such a wonderful evening we are busy planning further events for next term and look forward to many more evenings spent enjoying reading as a school.
We look forward to seeing you all at the next event!

Children in Need 2019

Children in Need 2019

Page created: 15 November 2019 by Janet Robinson

Our Children and some of our Staff (!) enjoyed taking part in five minute workouts and The Big Morning Move with Joe Wicks! They looked the part in their sports clothes and along with donations from the Jack & Jill Playgroup we have raised an amazing £130.00.

Robins - Equine Grooming

Robins - Equine Grooming

Page created: 22 November 2019 by Sophie Foston

Robins class have been enjoying their Equine Facilitated learning. So far they have been learning about the anatomy of the horse, grooming, how to care for equines and they have begun to develop agility courses for the ponies. A lovely way for our children to engage in learning and acquire knowledge, skills and disciplines needed to handle equines.

Reading Ambassadors

Pupils with Author

Page created: 05 November 2019 by Jessica Brown

On 5th November our Reading Ambassadors from Kestrels made Friday Bridge Primary extremely proud after a wonderful day spent speaking to different authors and discussing all things books! We were especially interested in a real-life adventurer who opened our eyes to the Amazon rainforest and the deserts of Africa. We also met a very cool poet who made us all laugh until our tummies ached! These authors taught us how to cope with writers’ block, structure our stories as well as how to share our passion for reading with others. As a Reading Ambassador team, we have already arranged a meeting to discuss an action plan on how to engage the rest of the school in reading. We have so many ideas and cannot wait to share them with everyone!

Robins Sandringham Visit

Robins at Sandringham

Page created: 04 November 2019 by Kerri Griffin

On a very bright Tuesday (08.10.19) Robins Class enjoyed a visit to the Queen’s Country Estate at Sandringham. We explored the Museum which is in the old stable blocks. The helpers were very happy with our questions and polite behaviour and let us ring the bell on fire engine. Some of us were even allowed to try on some of the exhibits!

We then looked around the house. It was extremely grand and full of people. We saw the Queen’s piano and her jigsaw table. Our favourite part was seeing her dining table and the carefully folded napkins. We had a walk around the grounds and saw lots of plant pots with crowns on them. We knew the Queen wasn’t at home because the Royal Standard Flag was not flying, only the Union Jack Flag.

Just before lunch we visited the church. It is very small inside but because we had already visited St Mark’s in the village we knew exactly how to behave and we all sat in the pews to look around. The church is very beautiful with a large silver altar and pulpit. It was incredibly shiny but only polished twice a year. This is the church that the Queen and her family visits on Christmas Day every year.

We had a fantastic day and used our trip to help us write recount which Mrs Griffin has sent to the Queen …. we are waiting for a reply.

Roald Dahl Day

Roald Dahl Day

Page created: 13 September 2019 by Janet Robinson

Children and staff celebrated Roald Dahl Day on 13th September 2019 by dressing up as their favourite characters and taking part in a range of activities linked to the author’s works.

Festival of Reading

Festival of Reading

Page created: 24 September 2019 by Sophie Foston

Today our newly appointed Year 3/4 reading ambassadors attended the WSP Festival of Reading alongside ambassadors from other partnership schools at The Secret Garden. They participated in a range of problem solving activities, including dissecting ‘dung’! Each task involved key skills including listening, team work, communication and of course Reading! Our fantastic team are now looking forward to the Ambassadors of Reading Conference (ARC) in November and will begin working on their reading action plans over the coming weeks.

Equine Facilitated Learning

Equine Facilitated Learning

Page created: 20 September 2019 by Sophie Foston

Today the whole school had the opportunity to meet Solo, a Shetland pony from Berryfields. Over the year Robins class will be working with Solo and the other equines from Berryfields, taking part in Equine Facilitated Learning. Children will develop a wide range of skills through the programme including:
• Increased self-awareness and self confidence
• Support emotional and behavioural growth
• Support Social and Emotional Learning Competencies
• Improved educational outcomes
• Personal self-development
• Improved communication skills and teamwork skills
Additionally Robins class will develop the skills to participate in a competitive sport-Equine Agility.
For more information see Berryfields’ website:

Cadbury World

Cadbury World

Page created: 09 September 2019 by Naomi Fitzpatrick

Hawks had a super trip to Cadbury world to kick-start their new topic ‘Mysterious Mayans’. As well as learning fascinating facts about this ancient civilisation, the children also learnt about the history of chocolate and the manufacturing process. The children were fully engaged all day and their behaviour was exemplary – Well Done Hawks – great start to the year!

New Uniform

New Uniform

Page created: 04 September 2019 by Sophie Foston

Our children all look so smart in their new uniform on the first day of the Autumn Term 2019! This school year we have introduced ties and knitwear.

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